Chinese Senior Care Home
for the Elderly in South San Francisco

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Joyful Chapter Senior Living is a bright, clean, and cheerful residential Chinese senior care home. Our trained staff speaks Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, Taisun) and English and can accommodate Chinese dietary needs. Residents will feel right at home in a familiar environment. We provide friendly, personalized service helping residents to maintain their skills and dignity, and to function as normal as possible.

Our goal is to provide a consistent, high standard of care that allows the elderly to truly enjoy this stage of their life. Joyful Chapter Senior Living is conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood in South San Francisco. Our Chinese senior care home is close to many shopping areas, senior activity centers, Bart Station and hospital. Please feel free to contact us.
長者在家中安老,以自己習慣的生活方式和環境安享晚年,固然最理想。但一些體弱或曾中風的長者,無法自行照顧自己,家人亦未必有充足的時間和專業護理常識照顧長者,在這種情況下,安排長者入住院舍,由院舍的專業人員提供照顧和護理,是選擇之一。 安康安老院宗旨是本著安老院服務精神,為年老體弱,孤單無依,家中乏人照顧的長者提供全日二十四小時護理照顧及群體社交活動,使長者們可以在院舍繼續過著群體生活,保持身心健康,兼可舒緩其家人之照顧壓力,促進和諧關係,務使長者以院為家,安享晚年。 安康安老院位於南三藩市。請隨時與我們聯繫。